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Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

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For over 80 years, Gallup has collected and analysed data about workplaces and the employees who experience them. We know more about the will of employees and customers than anyone else in the world. We continuously monitor advancements in areas that hold significant importance for workplaces and society as a whole through our global indicators, which we update quarterly to ensure leaders are aware of evolving perspectives. Through the world's largest ongoing study of the employee experience, we bring the voice of the employee to leaders with our annual State of the Global Workplace report. We share these insights to equip and empower leaders to make purposeful, informed decisions and achieve better outcomes. Our experts generate insights that leaders can use to apply science-backed best practices and take action, thereby boosting performance outcomes.

When you partner with Gallup, you partner with a team that brings the energy of a great job and great life to their work with you.

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Thomas transforms the performance of organisations around the world by equipping individuals with a greater understanding of themselves. 

Its team interaction optimisation (TIO) platform, powered by proven assessments and data science, improves recruitment and development decisions and optimises everyday interactions. 

Founded in 1981, Thomas empowers millions of people across 140 countries every year to feel more fulfilled, build stronger connections and prosper in role.

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LMS365 is a SaaS learning management platform designed specifically for Microsoft 365 users. It automates and manages the end-to-end process for learning management, from creation of content to enrolment of users, tracking progress and reporting on outcomes.  

It works natively in Microsoft Teams, allowing learners and managers to remain in Teams to complete training in the flow of work. LMS365 also works on mobile devices and web browsers. 

Sitting on top of SharePoint and using Azure Active Directory, LMS365 keeps data safe and onshore in the Azure Eastern Australia data centre. 

With over 1300 customers and nearly 4 million end users globally, LMS365 is an ideal choice for corporates and enterprises seeking an easy way to deliver and track compliance training, staff onboarding and career development – either online or offline. It even caters for non-Microsoft users by importing them as guests. PowerBI reports, Go1 integration and Microsoft learning pathways are included in our care packs. 

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