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Engage to Empower

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, there is a spotlight on how HR teams can revolutionise the employee experience. The Employee Experience and Engagement stream brings together HR leaders across the country to share how they are fostering an employee-centric workplace.


Be equipped with the latest insights, tools, and trends at this one-day stream of the HR, People and Talent Festival. With a positive employee experience being paramount to business performance, this event empowers HR teams to drive organisational success.

Key Challenges
  • Incorporating technology in your employee experience strategy. By gaining deeper insights into a distributed workforce, you can boost an individual’s experience at work.

  • Strengthening employee wellbeing to attract and retain top talent. The key to meeting modern workplace expectations is to create a supportive, flexible, and inclusive working environment.

  • Implementing a data-driven engagement strategy to drive business success. Reaching goals that an organisation sets is affected by whether employees are engaged and satisfied.

Who Should Attend?

HR and Employee Experience leaders responsible for and involved in developing and implementing EX strategies, initiatives, and programs:

  • People Experience / People Engagement

  • Employee Experience

  • Employee Relations

  • Workplace Experience

  • People Operations

  • Workforce Engagement 

  • Wellbeing

  • HR Business Partners

  • HR / Human Resources

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